Search Engine Optimization in 2015 – What To Expect

What SEO Techniques To Use in 2015

When it comes to SEO, changes take place all the time. With Google constantly adjusting their algorithm in order to improve their results, traditional SEO staple techniques have been rendered obsolete. Because of this, new approaches to SEO have been developed. There’s no doubt that 2015 will bring a fresh host of challenges for expert optimizers to master.

What trends will take the spotlight in SEO utilization and application in 2015? Some of the trends that appeared in 2014 will continue developing and make search engine rankings more relevant than ever before.

Mobile Optimization Continues To Grow In Importance

A company without a properly optimized mobile website is definitely missing out on a great opportunity to reach out to the increasing number of mobile users.

When it comes to shopping online, studies show that four out of five US customers access such shopping via their smartphones. In fact, for the first time last year, mobile devices had a bigger share of the browsing market than desktop computers. The prevalence of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, is going to continue to increase. It is logical to expect 2015 to be the year of the mobile website.

The central focus of mobile website optimization should be quick, responsive pages that can be loaded rapidly by a mobile browser. In any field of search engine optimization, the visitor’s experience on the page is of paramount importance. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely the visitor is to abandon the page.

Keywords Mean Less In 2015

Over the past two decades, it has all been about keywords and ranking based on these terms. Over the years, keywords have become less and less important for SEOs.

How visitors use a site and how it succeeds (or fails) to meet their needs is becoming the touchstone for successful optimization. Keyword density isn’t a determining factor any more. The quality and the length of a text are more important.

The most important things include building your brand on your website to build personal relationships. Therefore, good content will determine whether the goals are achieved or not. It must be content that makes sense, draws in the reader, and leaves them wanting more. The time spent by people on a website will positively impact the rankings in the search engines.

Multimedia Content Is On The Rise

There’ll always be a place for text, but now multimedia content is more important than ever.

Increased internet speeds has dramatically decreased the amount of time a normal consumer pays attention to anything. People love to watch video clips, slideshows, and will gravitate toward infographics more than anything else on the web.

With multimedia content, it is easy to boost engagement. This type of content also often goes viral, increasing the amount of visitors or social media followers. Social networks have the highest use of videos through sharing them. The result of this will be an upsurge in SEO efficiency as the number of likes and shares for the content increases.

Experts are claiming that many websites are not paying attention to multimedia content and this is restricting their growth. Attention given to multimedia efforts will pay for itself in terms of better rankings and more traffic.

The way that high search engine rankings are drifting towards sites with an organic blend of quality content and positive visitor experience is a good thing. Websites should deliver what the audience is looking for, to improve their overall performance. In future, it is expected that the number of people who will look for information online will grow in the coming months and years. A successful SEO campaign will utilize this need for information and build an online reputation around giving people the answers they need.

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